"It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth"
- George Burns

The property extends over 20 hectares of land, 15 of which are solely vineyards. It’s located at the heart of the Monferrato Casalese, which is famous for its limestone soils, doting back to the tertiary era, at 400 meters above sea level.


The company produces aromatic white wines and rich, well-rounded flavoured red wines, this is possible thanks to the best microclimatic conditions which bring the grapes to the ideal ripeness. Not less important is the collaboration of the agronomist Dr. Alberto Pansecchi, with whose competence, guarantees direct control in the process from the viniculture to the final bottling, allowing only the use of proprietary grapes.


When it comes to wine we speak in terms of patience and tenacity, all of which are characteristic traits particular to the Andenna family, which have been passed on from father to daughter, since it’s Eliana Andenna who took over the company several year ago. She is personally overseeing the estate, including the farming and processing of the grapes, in order to always guarantee the highest quality wines. The winemaking takes place using traditional methods alongside the newest techniques to achieve the perfect combination. This is done with the precious advice of oenologist Dr. Andrea Delponte.



The Monferrato territory (in the Piedmont region) is made up almost exclusively by hills. Its dry climate, the particular drought of hot summers, and the cold winter are favourable for viticulture, which characterises the whole territory. Monferrato is particularly known for its red and sparkling wines, which have now become a true symbol of the Piedmont tradition, not just a factor of economic wealth. 

Since 2014, Monferrato has been officially included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, making it a cultural asset in all respects.