When it comes to wine we speak in terms of patience and tenacity, all of which are characteristic traits particular to the Andenna family, which have been passed on from father to daughter, since it’s Eliana Andenna who took over the company several year ago. She is personally overseeing the estate, including the farming and processing of the grapes, in order to always guarantee the highest quality wines.

New Entry 2020


He filled the glasses and invited us to taste. I had never experienced anything like this. I read the same wonder in the others’ eyes. "It is not the work of a man, this sublime wine!" He declared. “I’ll leave it to you to understand its secret ..." Some pointed to Nature itself, others turned to elves and goblins, one ventured God in person. I, as if talking to myself, whispered: "A woman ..." “There!” concluded the master.

                                  L. Imerico

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