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When you talk about wine you need patience and tenacity, things that the Andenna family has been passing on for decades from father to son, or better daughter, as it’s Eliana Andenna that has been looking after the farm for the last years, personally following the cultivation and working of the grapes to guarantee the highest quality of the wines.
The farm, made of 20 hectares of which 15 with vines, is situated in the heart of the Monferrato Casalese, at an altitude of 400 meters on limestone grounds. The best climatic conditions that make the vines ripen perfectly and the competence of the agronomist Doctor Alberto Pansecchi, permits us to bottle full-bodied red wines and aromatic white wines.
The wine-making takes place using traditional methods helped with the most modern wine-growing techniques, with the precious advice of the wine-expert Doctor Andrea Delponte.
The constant research of the quality has been rewarded with numerous prizes and awards and, especially, with the confidence given by our costumers that rewards us daily appreciating our products on their tables.